Coach Feder is now taking new clients interested in a cross fit type of program.  Teaching the Olympics lifts and super endurance.

Welcome to Hit the Gym where you can learn more about High Performance Training (HPT) and Cross Function Training (CFT), Power Production and products to enhance athletic performance.

We specialize in hands-on strength and power coaching.

Head Coach Chris Feder has been training as a competitive athlete for over 50 years and competed internationally in open wrestling competition at the age of 43.  He has been helping coaches and athletes achieve their goals for over 40 years.

Coach Feder is one of the Founders of USA Weightlifting's Sports Performance Coaching Course.

HTG is a re-seller for some outstanding performance enhancers:

  • Compex Electronic Stim System.  Two of the outstanding programs are 'Active Recovery' - clearing lactic acid after hard training, and 'Strength Development' - active strength building for in-between work-outs.

  • Hyperice Sports Recovery Products:                  Vyper - Massaging Foam Roller          Hypersphere - Massaging Ball - for more info
We take all Major Credit Cards

  • The Warm-up Cord by Athletic Republic.  
       this tool allows any throwing athlete to prepare          or train using their own mechanics against light          resistance thereby improving velocity. 

  • Buddy Lee Ultra Performance Jump Rope.
      A portable plyometric machine

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